In Greece it has been known since antiquity and is reported by Theophrastus, 372-287 BC. and Dioskouridis in the 10th century AD. century.

The scientific name Sideritis comes from the Greek word “iron” because of its ability to heal wounds caused by iron weapons of the time. A second version attributes its name to the high iron content of the plant, while a third view argues that the name Sideritis is due to the tea flowers, the shape of which resembles the teeth of the calyx on the spear tip.

Greeks from ancient times referred to mountain tea as “God’s Tea” or “Tea of the Titans”. The Titans were powerful deities who lived in Mount Othry, where mountain tea is indigenous. From there it is said that they were fighting Zeus and the rest of the gods by throwing huge stones towards Olympos. So, they had managed to dominate the world for a while before the Olympian gods.

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