Cultivation is done strictly in a biological way, without the use of insecticides or other artificial substances in accordance with the conditions and standards imposed by the European organic farming association as well as by the biohellas certification company.

The best climatic conditions for better plant growth prevail at altitudes where rainfall is frequent and intense. It is necessary for the climate to be foggy, so that the plants are protected from the sun, kept in a relative humidity and delayed their maturation.

First Stage: Harvesting the fresh leaves and tea flowers.

Harvesting (usually June) is always done by hand and with special care so that the plant is not destroyed and nutrients and essential oils are kept intact. Once the tea leaves and flowers have been collected, they are transferred to baskets to drain them.

Second Stage: Warm-Drying

The aim is to remove excess water from leaves and flowers and reduce their moisture by up to 70%. This process can take between 6 and 7 days.

Drying is also done in the most natural way – on air – without the use of ovens or other artificial means. Colors, sophisticated fragrances and beneficial substances are absolutely guaranteed!

Stage Three: Classification

The final stage in the tea production process is the sorting of leaves and flowers in classes, depending on their size and packaging.

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