How Do You Drink Your Tea?

Since ancient times, tea has been known for its inner tranquility and clarity from the very first sip. A cup of tea can rejuvenate and stimulate the senses. But to get the most out of its beneficial properties, you should pay attention to how you prepare it.

Hot: boil the water first and shortly before boiling it, remove it from the fire, then pour the mountain tea in it, leave it for 3-4 minutes, strain it and drink it.

Cold: after letting it become a hot beverage, we expect it to cool down a bit and hit it with ice cubes in the shaker. Serve plain, with honey, or with honey and lemon.

It should also be noted that Olympus mountain tea, unlike the rest, can easily be consumed even in the evening before bedtime as it has no stimulating action.

Enjoy it!!!

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